Polar Opposite

Lexie Wise
Jan 5, 2022

There is a street

of polar opposite ends.

To the north side,

the vines consciously grow their stems

up a million dollar investment

brick by brick.

Wishing to be effortless

but will forever feel forced.

To the south side,

one must drive carefully

for a child might sneak out

onto the pavement

carelessly laughing on a grandmother’s front yard.

A quick scare that softens

and reminds me of fourth grade friends.

This abandoned church bus

sinking into the weeds

with fractured windows

reflects a story unknown to me.

The white cross standing to the left

wanting to be noticed

leaves me at the end of this street

where I’ve witnessed at least

three different lives

on North Madison.



Lexie Wise

English teacher and lover of all things creative. I write to escape and embrace.